Breckenridge Opening Day is This Friday November 10th!

The Perfect Pow Day

“Powder days are alright”  said no one, ever. Usually, when you ask someone about a pow day they respond with sheer elation; bubbling with excitement and bursting with a fiery passion. The perfect powder day is the ‘holy grail’ for skiers and riders. It’s something we dream of, chase after, and long for… but is rarely attained. When you finally get that perfect powder day, you feel frozen in a state of absolute euphoria. THIS is why we ski. Floating on freshies without a care in the world, smiling so big that your cheeks hurt; nothing else matters in this moment… and you couldn’t be happier.

We asked some of our co-workers and Breck locals about their ultimate powder day stories, and this is what they had to say:

“It was a solo mission and no one was in the lift lines… I think I played hooky from work this morning 😉 Snow was soft, fluffy and DEEP.” – Stefanie Van Der Kar, Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Check out her video of the day below!

“I got a snow cat trip to Keystone for Christmas. We just happened to hit it on a 24+ inch powder day and spent all day slaying untracked powder in Erikson Bowl. Snorkels were required.” – Mark Grattan, Keystone Ski Resort. 

“After 25 inches of fresh powder, my friends and I hiked to the top of Peak 8 and hucked off this cliff into 5 ft. deep powder!!” Glenn Brady, Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Glenn Brady - Big Air on Peak 8

Glenn Brady – Big Air on Peak 8

“It was my 1st year here in Breck (2014), It was a late February snow storm that started early morning and continued throughout the day. I was riding up Kensho SuperChair when the snow started dumping, I could barely see the chair directly in front of me. Just the way I like it. The first run on Peak 6 was knee deep powder on ‘Wonderland’ and that was just the beginning of this adventure. Not being extremely familiar with the terrain, today was my day for exploration. From surfing the back bowls, to slashing waste deep powder in the trees, this was by far the best powder I have experienced in a long time!!” – Joe Demma, Breckenridge Ski Resort.

“My favorite powder day was when the snow was so fluffy and deep and the day was just beautiful and bright, making my own lines through the trees, following friends down to the lodge for Apres. A perfect power day!” – Iris Bradford, Breckenridge Ski Resort.

“The best pow day I’ve ever had (among many) has to be at Copper Mountain in April of 2015. It was my Birthday.

The season had already been absolutely amazing with terrain opening up at mountains that I had never even known about because there was so much snow, and honestly, we were ready for it to wind down. We were ready for mountain biking, hiking, camping, and warm weather. We were ready for summer.

But then about a week before, we started seeing reports of a storm that might roll through. A foot or more they said. We thought, “Yeah, right. In the middle of April?” Nah. But of course if there was skiing to be had, and with my birthday coming up we made plans to shred with a crew on what could be the last pow day of the season. It didn’t disappoint.

TWO FEET of fresh snow fell overnight and we were ready. First tracks through 17 Glade, Star Wars Trees, Gold Digger Trees, Upper Enchanted Forest, and Resolution Bowl. They were all ours and we took them grinning from ear to ear open to close.

And to cap it all off, Vail just happened to be doing their ‘end of season, free concert series’ and my favorite band, ‘Portugal. The Man’ was playing. So naturally we went over the pass for some outstanding live music. Best Pow Day and Best Birthday. Doesn’t get much better.” – Rob Bennett, Copper Mountain

Epic Story Spotlight:

“I have been snowboarding for a little over 20 years, so you can say I have had a few “favorite pow days”, BUT I will go with the most recent that took place last Saturday 12/17/16.

Friday night… The storm was fierce. Snow came down from the heavens and covered the resort and town in a deep white blanket of joy. Giddy with anticipation, like a child on Christmas Eve I laid out my outwear, boots, hat gloves, etc. for the next day.

Saturday morning came around and I made myself a full complete breakfast before catching the yellow bus to Beaver Run. Word on the street was that I-70 had closed and that the resort would be a bit less crowded than normal for a Saturday.

Catching first chair over at Beaver Run was easier than expected. Myself and my buddy Gram took a tree run next to ‘American’ to start out our day. The snow was deep, and it was a blower. The next run we took was Mercury Chair and decided to take the Hollywood run under the ‘E-Chair’. The E- Chair was not yet running… this lead to a run full of slashes on untouched steeper terrain that resulted in big smiles and high fives. The cat track back to 9 was even better. We found a few side hits on the trail and cruised back to Copper Top bar.

After a quick beer we decided to head back out to Peak 9. We took some more tree runs and found some tree jibs that had not yet been touched. The snow was still deep and we continued to lap without waiting in a lift line throughout the day.

We called it quits around 1:00pm and retired for Tacos and Coco.

Days like these keep me in Summit. These are the days we live for. Joe DeStefano, Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Tell us about your ultimate powder day!

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Breckenridge Blizzards: EmPOWDERing the People!

Ullr might’ve had a slow start to winter, but he’s quickly redeeming himself by steadily dumping tons of fresh powder on Breckenridge this December. Colorado’s favorite season is in full swing in this ski town, and it’s time to tune those skis and boards and get to Breck for some incredible skiing and riding!

The staff at BOB wants you to know the level of stoke you’re missing out on, so we decided to show you just how sweet the pow stashes are right now. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right? Check out our video and try not to drool. This snowy supply of wintry bliss will be eaten up by other powder hounds soon, so book your Breck getaway today, while we still have availability… Because what’s more empowering than watching the hill fill up with loads of snow? Riding down the mountain in knee-deep powder, of course!

Give Yourself a Gift

But First, Opening Day.

*Updated 11/8/16.

With Arapahoe Basin open, let’s face it, ski season is here. Most of these resorts aren’t falling on the same opening day, which means you can make your rounds. But this is the day that most of us dream about while we bask in the glorious last few weeks of fall weather. There’s nothing like tightening your boots and clicking into your skis or strapping to your board for the first time of the season. But then you look up and see them. The THOUSANDS of other humans that are doing the exact same thing you are. How is this possible? How could anyone else love the sport as much as you? Well, the white ribbon of deaths’ (WRD) are open and on top of having fun we mostly encourage you to ski/ride safe! Check over your gear, know the terrain and weather, stay safe and most importantly, enjoy the experience! Hundreds of other ski fanatics are looking to get those oh so sweet first turns of the season in. Enjoy and respect each other’s company and all that is the sport of skiing. Stay safe, friends, and cheers to Ullr for an incredible winter!

Read on to find out what not to forget, what not to miss, and where the hot spots are for Après Ski! 

*All dates are projected opening dates:

Arapahoe Basin – THIS FRIDAY, October 21

Don’t forget: Your grills! With the crowds, you might find yourself eager to take a break every few runs. Fire up the sausages and hamburgers with friends and enjoy some downtime!

What not to miss: The mass entertainment from unique one-piece snowsuits and tricked out helmets.

Après Ski: Snake River Saloon. Happy hour served 7 days a week from 4 – 5:30 p.m. This legendary saloon is the perfect spot to sit down for a beer after hitting the slopes. Looking for a longer night out? Stick around, the Snake has fantastic night life.

Beaver Creek – November 23

Don’t forget: Your swag hands. Tons of prizes are offered at the base of the Centennial Express Lift.

What not to miss: The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition!

Après Ski: Dusty Boot. Featuring happy hour from 3 – 5 p.m. daily, this “Best Little Steakhouse & Saloon in the great state of Colorado” is perfect for stopping in and grabbing a few drinks after a long day on the mountain. Looking for something different? Check out Hooked a Seafood * Sushi * Market.

Breckenridge Ski Resort – November 11        

Don’t forget: Your pass in your old jacket.

What not to miss: Wake Up Breck! Although this happens the day before opening day it’s a fun local’s tradition. Breckenridge Ski Resort hands out FREE commemorative coffee mugs and will buy you a free cup of coffee to celebrate the opening day of ski season! Participating coffee shops: Coming soon!

Après Ski: To keep it easy, stick to the T-Bar at the Base of Peak 8 and load up on a bloody mary as you watch the skiers come down. If you want to come into town, we suggest checking out one of our favorite local hangouts and the meanest margarita in town, Angel’s Hollow.

Copper Mountain – November 18

Don’t forget: The sunscreen!

What not to miss: Donuts, coffee, and beer! Make sure to also check out live music by DJ Landry and don’t miss out on all the gear giveaways. Learn more here!

Après Ski: Endos. There motto: “If you ain’t flyin’, you ain’t tryin”. Located at the base of American Eagle lift happy hour goes from 3 – 6 p.m. every day! Check out their menu here.

Keystone Resort – November 11

Don’t forget: Your mittens. Or worse… 1 mitten.

What not to miss: Your reusable Keystone water bladder! The first 500 people in line will receive one! Learn more here!

Après Ski: Kickapoo Tavern. Deemed “The best deck in Keystone for Après Ski”, Kickapoo is also opening back up on November, 4! Voila!

Loveland Pass – November 10

Don’t forget: Your early morning calisthenics (no need to pull a muscle the first day out there)!

What not to miss: Loveland has yet to release even their opening day announcement. Check this link or we’ll offer an edited version here once we find out more!

Après Ski: Rathskellar. Ask a local on the lift. This is thee spot for a snack or après drink.

Vail – November 18

Don’t forget: To download your EpicMix app. You’ll want to count this as Day 1.

What not to miss: Vail has yet to announce their opening day shenanigans. Check this link as the time gets closer (we’ll offer up an edited version here too once they do).

Après Ski: Mountain Standard. A swanky tavern with a casual vibe and simple, honest, from the heart service and cooking.

Well, we hope this was enough information to keep you excited about Opening Day while being safe. Now, it’s time to look to the winter ahead and pray for big dumps!

Looking for lodging while you are here? Check out for the BEST lodging deals in Summit County.


To Ski in or Ski out

Why Ski-in/Ski-Out in Breckenridge?

Breckenridge Resort spans over five skiable peaks and over 2907 acres. With all of that terrain, it can take days to explore! Ski-in/ski-out lodging might typically seem like an unnecessary upgrade, but there are tons of reasons why slope side lodging in Breckenridge is the best option for a hassle free vacation! Check out our top three reasons why ski-in/ski-out is the ideal way to vacation in Breckenridge!

1.) Location

When you stay at a ski-in/ski-out property, you’re guaranteed the best views of the mountains. Whether it’s a famous Colorado sunset or sunrise, lodging at the base of the mountain will guarantee scenery that won’t disappoint! Walk out on your deck or out to the lobby and take in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. When you’re sleeping just steps from the lifts, you don’t need to stress about getting up extra early. Grab your skis or board and simply stroll on over to the slopes. You’ll be on the mountain in a matter of minutes! The greatest part about ski-in/ski-out lodging is the convenience of not having to lug around equipment. Rent a ski locker or store your gear right in your room. There’s no need to worry about loading or unloading your equipment. You don’t need to stress about getting down from the mountain to move your car. And even more importantly, you’re free to après all you want!

2.) Transportation

Like most resort towns, transportation can definitely be a hassle in Breckenridge. Parking is often limited and in such a small town, traffic can get congested. However, Breckenridge offers free bus transportation that will take you all over town.. Should you have booked your stay with a slope side property, you don’t even need to worry about transportation, though. Most lodges of that caliber have free shuttles if need be, but you would only need that for certain locations, since you’ll be in the heart of all the action. Park your car at the slope side resort you’re staying at and don’t waste money on gas or paid parking; spend it on a day shopping or a night on the town!

3.) Save money!

Speaking of saving money, don’t waste your funds on a rental car; use the free buses or shuttles to get around town. Take what you would’ve spent on that and do yourself a favor: upgrade to a slope side room! Staying ski-in/ski-out provides you with the luxury of eating lunch right in your room instead of doling out ridiculous sums for snacks at an expensive resort restaurant. There are plenty of grocery stores in town like City Market, Local Market and The Food Kingdom, where you can grab supplies or have Breckenridge Grocery deliver right to your room!

Despite the big mountains, Breckenridge is actually a small town that can get overcrowded, especially downtown. Staying right on the hill, a couple minutes from the masses that can flood Main Street is the best way to save time and money and maximize your time for fun while on your vacation! Click below to book your Breckenridge getaway today!


Twisted Tree Runs

Deep in the forest, dodging trees like bullets, heart pounding, legs burning, waist deep in pow, and a massive smile stretched across your face that you can hardly contain. What’s better than shredding powder stashes in the trees all day long? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you. NOTHING. If you’re a tree run fanatic, check out a few of our favorites at Breckenridge.

For your reference, here is a map of Breckenridge Ski Resort.

trees in breckenridge

Stay safe and have fun out there!

PEAK 6 | 

Take a super hard skier’s right off the Kenosha SuperChair and work your way over to the area between Xanadu and Lost Cabin. This zone is between two lifts and a little harder to get to, but you’ll be rewarded with solitude and tons of untouched powder, even days after a storm.

PEAK 7 |  

When hopping off the top of Independence SuperChair, you can make a quick 15 second scurry up to the warming hut and access Ore Bucket. Most riders use this as a short cut to the Kenosha SuperChair on Peak 6, but you can drop in here for some fun trees and then pop back out onto Monte Cristo or Wanderlust.

Also off the Independence SuperChair is Lower Forget-Me Not. Same thing, most people use this as a way to get to the T-Bar, but you can drop in between this and Claimjumper to catch some fun turns in the woods. Close by, directly below the T-bar lift, between Northstar and Claimjumper, there is a tree run gully that’s awesome to ride and a local favorite. This one tends to get a little more traffic because it is right next to the T-Bar lift line, so try to his this early in the morning.

A great beginner tree run to try on Peak 7 are the trees north of Swan City. It’s not too steep and you’ll pop back out right at the base by the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. This is a wonderful spot to take a quick break from the slopes and warm up at Sevens restaurant. You could also soak in the beautiful view of the peaks while lounging slope side on a deck chair.

PEAK 8 |  ♦ ♦♦

Take the Rocky Mountain SuperChair and check out the area right under the lift between Little Johnny and Duke’s Run. There are some really nice trees in here and Little Johnny is a bump run, so generally a lot of people avoid this area.

If you’re coming off the T-Bar, we recommend Alpine Alley. This is the ridge line run the follows the cornice into the Horseshoe Bowl. Follow this, but stay skier’s left and follow the trees just along the cornice and at last minute drop into the South end of Contest Bowl. You’re welcome.

If you’re ripping it up with the kids and want to challenge them with a fun tree run, check out Rip’s Ravine. It’s a Kids Adventure Zone and they can play around in the trees under your supervision.

6-CHAIR | 

The whole South side of this lift is loaded with countless tree run pop-ins, where you can dip into the glades between the designated runs and pop out on another one. These are awesome because you don’t have to commit to doing a full-on tree run, just pop back onto the run if your legs get tired. Breckenridge is a big mountain with skiers of all levels, so make sure to look both ways and slow down when darting in and out of the woods, to keep yourself and others safe on the hill.

One of our favorites routes is the often underutilized area you’ll find when you take a hard skier’s left off 6-Chair. Get on Upper Four O’clock like you’re headed back to Peak 8 Base, but stay skier’s right and follow the trees back to Frosty’s Freeway and get back on 6-Chair. But be careful, there are some death defying cliffs faces if you go too hard right. This actually makes for the longest run you can take off of 6-Chair AND you can find some trees that not a lot of riders look for. If you’re confident in your skills, you can hit the Southern Cross and Lower Psychopath runs. The trees are pretty tight in here and it can get steep, so be mindful.

PEAK 9 | 

Take Beaver Run SuperChair or C-Chair and head over to the zone between Gold King and Volunteer. This is a nice, long strip of trees that are great when you want to try a tree run, but your friends don’t. You can keep an eye on their progress down the mountain and still stay together, because skiing with friends is the best.

E-CHAIR | ♦♦

Make a hard skier’s left and just under the lift, there is a tiny gate into the Windows area. There is some challenging terrain in here comprised of tight trees and hidden gullies, but the beauty is that this deters most riders and you can find freshies up in here days after a blizzard. Just be careful, take your time and explore this gem.

PEAK 10 | ♦ ♦♦

The obvious answer here is the infamous area called The Burn. Can you feel it? You will after skiing it. The whole North side of Peak 10 is a fantastic tree run area. The trees get really tight at the bottom and you come out onto Lehman run with a fair amount of beginners trudging along, so slow down and look uphill when popping back out.

The south side of Peak 10 is a great spot too. However, the flaw and beauty of this area is the very long, flat and slow Flapjack run to get back. If you snowboard, stay away! Unless of course you’re alright with walking back out or unstrapping and skating for a while. Hence, why a lot of people avoid this area. However, it’s a diamond in the rough because you’ll have the place to yourself and can almost always find powder stashes.

A sweet pop-in/pop-out spot can be accessed along the catwalk that isn’t even labeled on the map anymore. Take a hard skier’s left off the Falcon SuperChair and then between the switch backs on this service road, drop in and get some trees. This will shoot you out way up on Upper Lehman.

There are tons of awesome tree runs full of freshies at Breckenridge Ski Resort. One way to ensure you get all that powder is to get up early and beat the crowds. The next time you visit Breckenridge Ski Resort, check out one of these tree runs! If you’re looking for ski in/ski out discounted lodging, click here!

*Only attempt tree runs if you are confident in your skills. Please be aware that not all runs are the same and there are always risks in the trees. Skiing with friends is always a good idea when exploring the trees. Always be cautious of your surroundings.